Integrated Listening Systems

What is Integrated Listening Systems®?

“iLs® programs effectively “re-train” parts of the brain involved in learning, communicating and moving. Combining a listening program with specific visual and balance activities, iLs® strengthens neurological pathways and improves our ability to learn and to process information.” (iLs® brochure)

The iLs® program is unique in that it includes both ways of hearing, 1) through the air (sound waves) and 2) through our bones (vibration of sound within the bones of our skeleton). In this way, the program impacts upon the organs for sound and movement which are interconnected in our inner ear and provides the foundation for higher cognitive functions such as reading, writing and thinking.

“The three main systems for organizing sensory input – visual, auditory and balance (vestibular)- are highly interrelated. Exercising all three simultaneously is a holistic approach which can help people of any age feel sharper, more focused, and self-confident.” (iLs® brochure)

iLs® programs are used most often to improve learning difficulties (reading, writing, cognition), visual/auditory processing, balance/coordination, concentration and memory. It can be helpful for a variety of people with learning disabilities such as attention deficit disorder, autism, etc.

The iLs® practitioner completes an assessment and makes recommendations for a specific listening program. Clients purchase or loan the specially programmed iLs® iPod, determine a listening schedule and review the activities with the practitioner.

Rosanne Papadopoulos has training in delivering iLs®.