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Brainwaves, Issue 27, Sometimes movement just makes it worse?!!

Brainwaves is a monthly newsletter designed to create some “brainwaves” within my community of colleagues, friends and clients. “More movement” … a common sensory strategy I frequently read or hear strategies that encourage caregivers or teachers to add more movement into their child’s day.  These are often aimed at helping the individual who has strong… Read More »

Brainwaves, Issue 21, Dreampad (TM)… way more than just for sleep!

Brainwaves, Issue 21, Dreampad™ …way more than just for sleeping! In the last issue, I wrote about the important connection between visual referencing and memory. This issue will talk about an exciting new “tool”, the Dreampad™ which uses psychoacoustics (sound and vibration) to create powerful positive changes to the nervous system! Brainwaves is a monthly… Read More »