Brainwaves, Issue 21, Dreampad (TM)… way more than just for sleep!

By | May 3, 2014

Brainwaves, Issue 21, Dreampad™ …way more than just for sleeping!

In the last issue, I wrote about the important connection between visual referencing and memory. This issue will talk about an exciting new “tool”, the Dreampad™ which uses psychoacoustics (sound and vibration) to create powerful positive changes to the nervous system!
Brainwaves is a monthly newsletter designed to create some “brainwaves” within my community of colleagues, friends and clients.

Integrated Listening Systems® has developed a new product called the Dreampad™. Over the past few months, I have started to use the Dreampad™ more frequently in my practice. Not only has it helped some children to have better sleep, I have seen some become much more “regulated” during the day by sleeping on it at night…even children who already were good sleepers! As a result, I have heard myself speaking to parents over and over again about the powerful impact of vibration upon the body and nervous system. I decided that I should do some research on this and share it with all of you!

Now, I am not talking about whole body vibrations like those associated with uncontrolled vibrations in workplace settings such as truck driving or operating hand tool. These are actually damaging to the body. I am talking about psychoacoustics or “… the study of the perception of sound. This includes how we listen, our psychological responses, and the physiological impact of music and sound upon the human nervous system. In the realm of psychoacoustics, the terms music, sound, frequency, and vibration are essentially interchangeable, because they are different approximations of the same essence.”
Dr. Alfred Tomatis is widely considered to be the grandfather of modern psychoacoustics and he considered sound as a “nutrient for the nervous system”.

Integrated Listening Systems® uses psychoacoustic and vibration technology, known as Intrasound Technology™ in their therapeutic products. Their most recent creation, the Dreampad™ seems particularly exciting and, quite frankly, easy peasy!!…you just need to lie on it!

What is the DreaDreampad-store-shotmpad™?
Well, quite simply it is a pillow insert….a thin piece of soft foam with small speakers inset into the pillow that plug into a mp3 player. The music (classical and ambient) is heard only by the person using the pillow and creates almost undetectable vibrations in the speakers. “The process brings about a relaxation response from the body and mind which has been aptly described as a “massage to the nervous system.” It helps to…
– Reduce stress
– Improve sleep – falling asleep and staying asleep
– Decrease sensory hypersensitivity”

How does it work?
The Dreampad™ uses intrasound technology which “… is based on the natural conductive quality of the human body. Our bones are natural conductors; in fact, every time you speak the vibration caused by your voice is carried by bone to your inner ear.

intrasoundIntrasound Technology™ replicates this natural process by using transducers to convert the properties of sound to vibration. The vibration is carried to the bony area around the middle and inner ear, a mini ‘cave’ which protects some of our most valuable anatomy. This is the home of the cochlear/vestibular apparatus, which governs our ability to hear, as well as our balance, coordination and our ability to filter out unwanted noise (related to auditory hypersensitivity). It is also an area which is connected to our Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) through the Vagus Nerve.” Our PNS triggers our relaxation response.

Is there Research?
Yes, in fact, the Hallowell Centre (founded by Edward Hallowell, an ADHD guru) in New York has conducted some preliminary research on children with ADHD.

There is also another study underway to measure heart rate variability (HRV) on clients using the Dreampad™. HRV is becoming well known as the authority for measuring the relaxation response in people.

There are also several more research projects.

If you are interested in purchasing a Dreampad™ check it out at It has a full 30 day trial period!
Some therapists are also using it for clients to place behind their heads or listen to prior to or during a session.