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Brainwaves, Issue 21, Dreampad (TM)… way more than just for sleep!

Brainwaves, Issue 21, Dreampad™ …way more than just for sleeping! In the last issue, I wrote about the important connection between visual referencing and memory. This issue will talk about an exciting new “tool”, the Dreampad™ which uses psychoacoustics (sound and vibration) to create powerful positive changes to the nervous system! Brainwaves is a monthly… Read More »

Brainwaves, Issue 20, Seeing is Believing! Visual Referencing and Memory

Issue 20, See is Believing!  Visual Referencing and Memory In the last issue, I wrote about eye contact and relationships, describing how important visual referencing is to building social thinking and feeling.  This issue will continue with the theme of vision but focus on how we build memory using our eyes. Brainwaves is a monthly… Read More »

Brainwaves, Issue 19, “Shh…I’m Thinking with my Eyes”: Eye contact and Relationships

In the last issue, I wrote about sleep and the sensory strategies that can make it better for us and our children.  This issue will focus on how using our eyes make our relationships grow! Brainwaves is a monthly newsletter designed to create some “brainwaves” within my community of colleagues, friends and clients. Beginning at… Read More »

Brainwaves, Issue 18, Sleepless in Canada…?

In the last issue, I linked various pieces of information about the dysregulated state of Canadian and Manitoba children, questioning the lay-off of 8.3 rehabilitation staff at the Society of Manitobans with Disabilities. This organization is the primary source of early support for families of children with a diagnosis of autism. This issue will focus… Read More »

Brainwaves, Issue 15, Sensory Strategies in IEP’s

Issue 15, Sensory Strategies in IEP’s In the last issue, I provided some information and strategies about wasps.  Worries about bugs and wasps seem to be a common concern of many children!  A common concern of many parents is the development of their child’s Individual Education Plans (IEP).  It is a hot topic at this… Read More »

Brainwaves, Issue 5, Movement Sensitivity, Part 1 Over-Sensitive

BRAINWAVES Issue 5, Movement Sensitivity (Part 1, Over-sensitive) With the Red River Exhibition just around the corner, I often think about the rides and the amazing ability of some folks to spin, tip, twirl, drop, swing and go upside down all day long! I used to be able to do that as a teenager…not anymore!!… Read More »

Brainwaves, Issue 4, Smell

Ahhh…the awakening smell of a fresh summer rain…the comforting smell of freshly baked bread…the alluring smell of the morning cup of coffee … the alarming smell of smoke… Our sense of smell is the only sensory system that is directly connected to our limbic system (our emotional brain), including direct pathways to the hippocampus (memory… Read More »