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Brainwaves, Issue 21, Dreampad (TM)… way more than just for sleep!

Brainwaves, Issue 21, Dreampad™ …way more than just for sleeping! In the last issue, I wrote about the important connection between visual referencing and memory. This issue will talk about an exciting new “tool”, the Dreampad™ which uses psychoacoustics (sound and vibration) to create powerful positive changes to the nervous system! Brainwaves is a monthly… Read More »

Brainwaves, Issue 18, Sleepless in Canada…?

In the last issue, I linked various pieces of information about the dysregulated state of Canadian and Manitoba children, questioning the lay-off of 8.3 rehabilitation staff at the Society of Manitobans with Disabilities. This organization is the primary source of early support for families of children with a diagnosis of autism. This issue will focus… Read More »

Issue 17, Something doesn’t make sense here…

In the last issue, I wrote about a Canadian book entitled “Calm, Alert and Learning: Classroom Strategies for Self-Regulation” by Dr. Stuart Shanker (2013).   This issue will link self-regulation information to the Canadian perspective, the Manitoba perspective and a Winnipeg perspective.  Brainwaves is a monthly newsletter designed to create some “brainwaves” within my community of… Read More »